How to solve “Could not start remote connection”..

remote connectionWhen I look at my PC, I found that someone install a new hacked version of windows 7. This hacked version is very awesome in UI (user Interface) especially at theme and new look icons. But when I’m trying to connect to Internet using modem, there was an error which tell that system could not start remote connection. I try searching at windows help about this, but I’ve got nothing.What I got is just how to start the service from service management. When I try this, there was another problem, because this service is related to another. So it couldn’t start. Then I try to search in google, finally I found a forum which tell how to solve this (I’m sorry for forgotten the link). How to solve this is very simple, go to C:WindowsSystem32LogFilesWMIRtBackup and delete everythings in this folder, then restart your computer.. Happy browsing. :O

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